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Why List with NZBWW?
NZBWW has published it's B2B directory since 1936.
When you do something for that long, you get good at it.

It's recent owner's have included the NZ Financial Press (Publishers of the NBR) and Peter Lynch & Associates.

It specialises in New Zealand Industry and Corporations.

Connecting People to the Person and the Business.™   

That is what business is all about.  

The NZBWW is stocked in many New Zealand Libraries, Universities,and Government Ministries. We sell many subscriptions overseas (Australia, Asia & USA in particular) so our reach is much further than you would suspect.  And these people tend to keep hold of our book for years. So your Listing keeps going and going.

These buyers tend to be older, more influential people.
Wanting to connect with your business to add Value. So when they reach you from the NZBWW they are already pre-qualified customers,
wanting to do business.

Wanting to know Who You Are and What your Business is.

We have been delivering that connection for almost 75yrs now.

Connecting People to the Person and the Business. ™


Listing with us will expose your company to thousands of quality prospects as one of the most credible and accurate business references in New Zealand.

A Basic Free Listing appears both in NZBWW Book and NZBWW Online Edition and is absolutely as it says - FREE as in, No Cost.

You give us information about your business and who you are.
We give you a free listing. It's a decent, Win Win deal.

A better option if you are serious about branding and marketing your business is to maximise your exposure with a Full Logo Paid Listing for $195.00 That's a better value deal than many, and your business gets real benefits:
  • Your logo displayed with your listing boxed (book and online)
  • Your Products,Services, and Brands included in your listing
  • All Products,Services, and Brands Fully Indexed in Book.
  • Direct link to your web site
  • email links to company executives or your gatekeeper.
  • your Logo will get cycled onto NZBWW's Free Search page.
  • much larger Listing Space both in Print and on Website.
  • your website listing will be listed top of searches
  • Access to the type of people and organisations who buy NZBWW

All this information is public domain already...but where, other than the NZBWW is it collected and published all in one source?

That's the reason Why people keep buying our product.

You can complete either a Basic Free listing or a Full Logo Paid Listing for your company right now by following the links below. It will take no longer than 5-6 minutes, you can pay online if necessary and we will confirm your listing by email.

                             Let the NZBWW work for you.

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