NZBWW - The New Zealand Business Who's Who
Why NZBWW's b2b Book Product?
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NZBWW's annual business-to-business Book

has been published for the last 75yrs. Helping New Zealand businesses find and connect to one another.

Sometimes, even in a computer age, physical works better.

Sometimes it's quicker, more intuitive and more effective to just use paper.

You can mark it, highlight, work it, use it as a reference, show it on your bookshelf or to your friends and colleagues, add notes, etc.

The NZBWW book is carefully cross-indexed and split into sections designed specifically to help people working b2b.

1000 pages containing Directors, Executives, Products & Services, Brands, Areas, Fax numbers, PO Box numbers, Importers, Exporters...all these are separately indexed to cross reference into finding & using what you need.

Companies are listed against the five major regions: Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, and Provincials.

All designed specifically to enable efficient b2b!

For a genuinely cost effective way to find Businesses & People within New Zealand's top tier, Let the NZBWW work for you

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