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Why NZBWW's Online Product?
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NZBWW's Online Search Subscription product

is designed to help businesses connect with New Zealands top Industrials and Corporations.

1) By subscribing to the Full Search product of the NZBWW site you immediately have access to the company details of New Zealand's top 17,000 businesses.

2) The entire database is at your fingertips. Including Contact details, Address details, Phone numbers, Director & Executive's names, Staff numbers, each companies main product lines, brands, & services.

The sort of businesses and people that would find value in subscribing to this product will be any b2b sales force needing a quality info-base, courier companies,etc needing to find a companies address or contact details, businesses wishing to market vertically [Companies that sell particular brands/services] or any company that deals with a large number of NZ's top tier businesses on a regular basis. Any company that services NZ b2b.

Libraries and Universities often subscribe for public & student research purposes.

Users of the Full search have the ability to print out their search results. Filter their search results on specific fields. Save your search results for later.

At $365/yr this works out to be less than 2cents per contact listing. or another way to look at it: Less than a dollar a day!

About the cheapest possible way you'll come across to find & contact this number of NZ's leading businesses.

                       Let the NZBWW work for you.

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